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members only, my dear nerds...

Hey, it's me..your friendly moderator! If you meet the simple criteria of being in Land O'Lakes HS's IB or Pre-IB program, comment to join the community. Say your name and what grade you're in. I have the IB phone list right next to me. I can easily tell if you're lying, so don't try it (although it's beyond me why anyone would lie about being in the IB program, some people are just weird I guess) :P


ONCE YOU GET IN, POST ALL ENTRIES FRIENDS-ONLY, or else it'd be pointless to have a members-only community. But you're smart. You knew that. Right?

TEACHER BASHING IS NOT ONLY ALLOWED, IT'S WELCOME! We know you have at least one sucky teacher (any Ms. Souto-bashing from the freshmen will earn them a special place in my heart), so feel free to vent when you need to. But if you people start getting into huge arguments over it, I'll just start deleting posts. It's that simple.

OKAY, YOU ALL SAW THIS RULE BEFORE THAT SAID "NO POSTING TEST ANSWERS," RIGHT? Well, I changed it..no posting ANY answers..You all know what cheating is, you all got those lame "Academic Integrity" papers...DONT MAKE ME SOUND LIKE A TEACHER! grrr

Well, that's about it, I guess. And since this is called the IB Secret Society, we should have stupid rituals..like on Thursdays we wear our shirts inside-out, or on the second Wednesday after progress report days, we all wear funny underwear that says something strange in latin on 'em...Just a thought...lol

Hope ya join!

<333 Kristina,
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