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IB Secret Society of LOLHS

[insert cool latin phrase here]

*IB Secret Society of LOLHS*
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This is only for the IB nerds at Land O'Lakes HS! If you don't go to LOLHS, don't join. If you're not in the IB program, don't join. If you hate IB nerds and wanna egg our houses, please don't join or we'll send the IB mafia after you!

However, if you're tired of searching community after community of IB people from around the world in search of last week's English assignment that's due tomorrow, this might just be the community to join (unless you don't go to LOL, in which case, you're pretty much screwed).

It's the IB Secret Society because..well, just because it sounds awesome. It gives us a mysterious Skull and Bones-like title, which makes IB seem cool. So...go us!

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